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Archive for March 2016

Changes to DTrade forms and Agreement Guidelines

On March 31, 2016, DDTC announced that beginning April 15th a new edition of DTrade forms (Version 9.2) will be required.  This will effect DSP-5s, DSP-6s, DSP-61s, DSP-62s, DSP-73s, and DSP-74s. Old versions of the forms will not be accepted starting that date (April 15).   Additionally, on March 29, 2016, DDTC published Revision 4.3 […]

ZTE-Temporary General License

On March 8, 2016, Chinese telecommunications company Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment (ZTE) was added, along with several related entities, to BIS’ Entity List.  This was a result of ZTE signing contracts in 2012 to ship U.S. made telecom hardware and software to Iran via a series of shell companies, a violation of U.S. Iranian sanctions. Due […]

Revisions to Cuba Export Restrictions

The Bureau of Industry of Security (BIS) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced on March 16, 2016 amendments to regulations restricting trade with Cuba in response to the President’s policy. These changes permit the following trade activities, previously restricted.   Travel to Cuba – (People to People Educational) by U.S. Persons to Cuba […]

DOD Distribution Statements

The Defense Department utilizes a series of Distribution Statements for technical data that describe the level of distribution authorized. These statements are labeled A-F and X.  Statement A is the least restrictive, signifying the data is approved for unlimited public distribution and Statement F the most restrictive which limits “further dissemination only as directed by […]