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Setting up your DTrade Account

After a DDTC license has been drafted, it must be uploaded via DTrade. Setting up an account with DTrade has several steps that must be followed; otherwise, the license application will be rejected by the State Department.  The first step is purchasing and installing the digital certificate on to the computer which will be used to submit the licenses from either Identrust or ORC.  You then must register the digital certificate with DTrade via the registration page on the DTrade Log-In screen from the DTrade Information Center. After registered, you must fax or email a letter to the State Department identifying the digital certificate super user.  DTrade will then email you a confirmation of this super user, and a link to how to assign user roles within DTrade.  After the user roles are assigned, DTrade set up is complete and the license can be submitted. While this process can be frustrating and time consuming, submitting license applications prior to the completion of D-Trade set up can significantly delay the submittal of an application.


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