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O Canada! (The Blog Edition)

Exporting to Canada can most often done without having to first apply for a license. For products and technical data under the jurisdiction of the State Department, the Canadian exemption provision (22 CFR 126.5) can usually be utilized.  22CFR 126.5(b)(1) should be reviewed by exporters prior to using the Canadian exemption provision as it lists items that cannot be exported via this exemption.  To utilize the Canadian exemption provision, items must be controlled by the ITAR, Canadian parties must be registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods (CCG) Registration Program, and the end-user of the item must be the government of Canada, a CCG registered company, or returned to the United States (N.B. the end use of the goods must be in Canada or the United States). 



If the items/technology are under the jurisdiction of the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations, most items (including 600 series items) can be exported NLR– No License Required. The only Commerce controlled items that are licensable to Canada are controlled under the Firearms Convention (FC) or Chemical & Biological Weapons (CB Column 1). Exporters should review the ECCN to determine if either of these reasons for control are applicable before exporting NLR.


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