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Throughout 2015, the Automated Exporter System (AES) is gradually integrating into the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) platform.  In June 2015, the Exporter Role deployed, the first type of ACE account. Exporters who do not have an ACE account can sign up on the Census website for access to their shipment records, while those who already have an ACE account can now sign in and access AES within ACE. ACE Reports are free to access and are available for five years after they have been filed.


In October 2015, AESDirect portal filing ability within ACE began.  This will begin the transition period, during which legacy AES systems will still be operational.  It is expected that legacy systems will continue to operate for at least three months before the transition to ACE is complete. There is no set end date for the transition period. While it is not yet mandatory, the Census Bureau urges exporters to set up ACE accounts before the end of the transition period when the legacy systems will be discontinued and all exporters must use the ACE platform.


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