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Annual Reports of Sale

Annual Reports of Sale are required to be submitted to DDTC for Warehouse and Distribution Agreements and Manufacturing License Agreements. These report should only include what was manufactured (MLA) or distributed (WDA) from the foreign party, not what was exported to the foreign party from the U.S. party. Only actual transfers of hardware by the foreign party should be incorporated into the report- future sales should not be incorporated into the yearly report, but are to taken into account for the reporting year for when they are actually shipped.  The report must include the items sold/manufactured, the recipient, quantity, and dollar value.


After the foreign consignee completes the report, the U.S. party will either upload the report to D-Trade or mail the report to DDTC, depending on the date of the agreement and whether it was a paper agreement or submitted through DTrade. The report should be submitted by January 31st of each year. If no sales have been made against the agreement during the year, a report of No Sales must be recorded with DDTC.


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