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Canadian Exemption Provision: An Overview

The Canadian Exemption Provision (22 CFR 126.5) is a State Department exemption for the export without a license for items whose end use is in Canada or the United States. To utilize this exemption, items must be covered under the ITAR, Canadian parties must be registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods (CCG) Registration Program, and the end-user of the item must be the government of Canada, a CCG registered company, or returned to the United States. Additionally, 22CFR 126.5(b)(1) should be consulted by exporters as it lists items that cannot be exported via this exemption.


Exporters should receive an end-use certification ensuring that end-users meet the above qualifications. They should also make sure to note that they are exporting using the Canadian Exemption Provision on all export documentation.



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