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Changes to DTrade forms and Agreement Guidelines

On March 31, 2016, DDTC announced that beginning April 15th a new edition of DTrade forms (Version 9.2) will be required.  This will effect DSP-5s, DSP-6s, DSP-61s, DSP-62s, DSP-73s, and DSP-74s. Old versions of the forms will not be accepted starting that date (April 15).


Additionally, on March 29, 2016, DDTC published Revision 4.3 of the Guidelines for Preparing Electronic Agreements on their website.  There were many small changes to the Guidelines. Some of the most notable changes include a change in the elements required of the §126.13 Certification Letter.  Additionally, the applicant’s signature is sufficient in limited circumstances for an amendment to add sublicenses to agreements, by expedited execution. Revision 4.3 also includes a detailed explanation on how to calculate agreement values for transmittal letters.


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