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Changes in requirements for International Import Certificate, BIS-711, etc.

On March 13, 2015, the Commerce Department published a rule revising the required support documentation for export license applications.  A major change of this rule was the elimination of the requirement of the International Import Certificate.  Previously, International Import Certificates were required if the items were controlled for national security reasons, were valued at more than $50,000, and if the foreign purchaser/consignee was one of the 34 signatories to the Wassenaar Arrangement.  However, with the new rule, International Import Certificates will no longer be required for any application, easing the burden to exporters.


Additionally, the new rule changed the requirements for Statements by Ultimate Consignee and Purchaser (BIS-711).  Previously required for items controlled for national security and not requiring an International Import Certificate or Exempt (for foreign government purchaser/consignees, anything over $5,000 required a BIS-711), BIS-711s are now only required for “600 series major defense equipment”. They may also be obtained in place of PRC-End User Statements for goods destined for China when the total value is $75,000 or less and when the goods are being used to service previously exported items.


Certain items destined for China still require a PRC End User Statement.  These items include certain cameras, computers, and any items with a value of more than $50.000.


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