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Revisions to Cuba Export Restrictions

The Bureau of Industry of Security (BIS) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced on March 16, 2016 amendments to regulations restricting trade with Cuba in response to the President’s policy. These changes permit the following trade activities, previously restricted.


  • Travel to Cuba – (People to People Educational) by U.S. Persons to Cuba is now permitted (subject to visa terms) without prior requirement that travel be associated with a U.S. Government approved sponsor.


  • Cuban Citizens Employment in U.S. – Cuban nationals in the U.S. can be employed similar to the rights of other country foreign nationals including other related export requirements and restrictions.


  • Trade with Cuba


           U.S. import of Cuban goods will be permitted, subject to very limited goods and             rights of approval.


            U.S. Export of Goods – BIS will authorize the export and reexport of goods to Cuba to support U.S. approved business presence in Cuba but most approved business activity approved is limited to humanitarian and/or telecommunication activities.


Selling to or purchasing from Cuba still restricted to limited USG (EAR/OFAC)    general license/license exception or permitted license approval activities

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