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De Minimis Guidelines

BIS offers an online tool for exporters allowing them to determine if their items made outside of the United States are subject to the EAR in accordance with the de minimis guidelines. If foreign made items incorporate controlled US items or technology, it is important to consider if these items are under the control of the EAR. This tool can be found at


For 600 series items and 9Y515 items, excluding .y. items, the de miminis standard is 0% for Country Group D:5 and 25% to all other countries. For 600 series/9Y515.y items, the standard for de minimis is 0% to China/Country Group E:1 and unlimited to other countries.  Non 600 series/ 9Y515 items that have been designated AT only the standard is 10% to Country Group E:1 and unlimited to all other countries. Please see the BIS online tool for additional guidelines and contact us with any questions.


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