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DOD – Military Critical Technical Data- Joint Certification Program (JCP)

For a U.S. company to be permitted access to U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) or Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) technical data that has been qualified as Military Critical Technology Data, the company must be certified (registered) under the Joint Certification Program of DOD or DND. The U.S. company’s certification is completed with DOD by submitting the U.S. DOD – Form DD 2345. Note that prior to submittal of the DD2345 a company must have an active CAGE Code or a Canadian-NCAGE Code.


Upon approval of the DD 2345, the JCP certification permits a company to have access

to DOD and DND unclassified Military Critical Technology Data as well as activities related to DOD or DND initiatives/sponsorships including: conferences, meetings or discussions related to DOD/DND; and unclassified solicitations or procurement document packages (RFQs/RFPs, etc.).


JCP registration allows U.S. and/or Canadian companies to receive Military Critical Technology Data, but does not relieve U.S. or Canadian companies from obtaining required U.S. or Canadian export licensing authority for technical data and/or services not covered by JCP certification.


To search if your company, or a company you are involved with, is certified you can perform a search on the JCP website

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