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Export Licensing Requirements for Foreign Trade Shows

If your company will be participating and exhibiting products at Air Shows or Trade Shows, it is important that any military/defense products, including parts/components, are not forwarded/exported or taken with company employees to the trade show without required State Department or Commerce Department licensing authority or use of a license exemption/exception. There is also a requirement to review any technical data/technology to be provided to foreign parties during the trade show to ensure that export/transfer of that information does not require licensing authority.

U.S. Customs inspectors and agents have an increased awareness of aerospace and defense product trade shows and, therefore, there is an increased scrutiny of export documents and interviewing of returning travelers where there is a belief that travel involved attendance at a trade show.

Licenses can take up to 45 days to be issued, so proper planning is required. License exemptions and license exceptions can be used for some exports as long as the exports are within the requirements of the exception/exemption.

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