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Export Training

Regular export training of export involved employees on U.S. Export Licensing and Compliance is an important aspect of any Export Compliance program. Export Policies and Procedures should reference the training schedule (ex. annual, periodic), as well as requirements for new employees to be trained. Training can be done by qualified internal personnel  or outside experts in U.S. export laws and regulations.


Export Training should include a general overview on export licensing, as well as information regarding both ITAR and EAR licensing and compliance. Employees should also be trained in determining export jurisdiction & classification. Other topics to include are export documentation, restricted country screening, and technical data licensing and controls. Training can and should be tailored to fit the products and needs of the company, but should include the above subject areas to be complete.


The end of the year is a good time to put together a schedule for export training for the following year to ensure it is completed and that provisions are made for it in a company’s budget.


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