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Foreign National Visitors

Access by foreign national visitors to controlled product and technical data should be restricted by U.S. companies. When visitors are identified as foreign nationals at sign in access should be limited to areas of the company’s factory or facility where no export controlled technical data or product can be accessed. If this is not feasible due to the layout of the facility, and it is necessary to transit the area where controlled product/technical data is located, some measures should be taken to screen access to the controlled items. These measures can include instructing employees to not have technical data in view while foreign visitors are on site, the placement of shields to block view of controlled manufacturing processes/products, and/or expedient transit around that area. Alternatively, if licensing authority is obtained for the foreign national visitor, the visitor should only be given access to technical data/items covered under the licensing authority.


Additionally, foreign nationals should be escorted at all times by a U.S. employee from the visited company. The escort should be aware of the limitations of the foreign national regarding any contact with controlled technical data and product.


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