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JCPOA Statement Issued

On January 12, 2018, the Trump Administration released a statement regarding JCPOA, the international agreement regarding limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities. While not pulling the US out of the agreement at this time, it outlined required changes that must be made in a supplemental agreement for the US to remain a party to JCPOA. This includes allowing immediate access to any location that international inspectors request and having no expiration date. The Trump Administration also calls for long range missiles to be treated with the same severe sanctions as nuclear weapons.  If these conditions are not met, the administration states they will not certify JCPOA.

This announcement goes hand-in-hand with a recent increase in the number of sanctioned Iranian entities on US government restricted parties lists. Any exporter who utilizes general licenses to export to Iran should verify their validity prior to export, to ensure there has not been a change a policy.

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