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Letter of Intent/End Use Statement

It is best practice before you export an item to receive a Letter of Intent (LOI) or End Use Statement (EUS) from your foreign customer. These statements are required for State Department (DDTC) licenses and recommended for Commerce Department (BIS) licenses. A LOI or EUS must identify the larger system that the exported item will be integrated into, including the end use platform (i.e. the specific aircraft, radar, engine). All subsystems should also be identified. Additionally, the foreign consignee(s) and end user(s) of the item should be identified.


LOIs/EUSs for licensable items can either be PO specific (in which case they may note the relevant PO) or may be an estimate of the customer’s needs for a four year period. In this case, no PO should be referenced or submitted, but a PO must be received prior to export. The LOI/EUS must identify both the quantity and value of items to be exported.


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