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License Exception GOV: Overview

License Exception GOV (§740.11) authorizes exports, re-exports, and in- country transfer of eligible items to U.S. government persons and agencies, agencies of “cooperating governments”, and international inspections under the International Space Station and the Chemical Weapons Convention.


To be eligible for use of license exception GOV, the items must either be for the personal use of the U.S. government or their personnel; the export must be made to or on behalf of an U.S. government agency; or the export must be made at the direction of the DOD. GOV may also be used to export items to cooperating governments (i.e. countries listed in Country Group A: 1 of the EAR) or NATO, provided they are for government use within the cooperating government or for military purposes of the cooperating governments or NATO. GOV may also be used to send items to consulates of cooperating missions. For information on exceptions to GOV please review §740.11.


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