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Russia Sanctions

Russia Sanctions-An American Response to the Crises in Crimea

On April 28, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) began a policy of denying high-tech export licenses for goods destined for Russia or Crimea if the goods were judged by BIS to potentially help Russia’s defense capabilities. This was part of a larger sanctions strategy, designed to punish Russia for their February invasion and subsequent annexation of part of Ukraine. Policy makers hope a targeted sanctions campaign could affect future Russian policy towards the Crimea region.

Russia Sanctions Targets

The sanction strategy has four targets: individual leaders in Crimea, Russian government officials directly involved in Crimea policy, close associates of Russian President Putin, and high-tech export licenses with Russian/Crimean end-users.

As the conflict is ongoing, it is not known if the Russia sanctions are indefinite, and if an expansion is likely in the near future. Government officials do recognize, however, the cost export sanctions (particularly unilateral sanctions) place on American businesses. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy recently said that other nations around the world, like China, will be watching the global response to Russia’s actions. He believes that the only way to stop future territory grabs by China is by coming down strong against Russia, deterring future aggression.

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