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Spacecraft Licensing Changes

Many  Spacecraft Items Move from USML Cat. XV to EAR 9X515

On May 13, 2014 the Commerce Department released the interim final revisions to USML Category XV-Spacecraft and related items. As of November 10, many items previously controlled by the State Department in the spacecraft USML category will now be controlled by the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulation within EECN 9A515, 9B515, 9C515, 9D515, and 9E515.   Not all of Category XV will be moving to the EAR, with more highly controlled items including some “civil and commercial communications satellites, civil and commercial remote sensing satellites, commercial space launch vehicles, human spaceflight and academic or scientific satellites and other spacecraft” staying under the domain of ITAR.

Some satellites that are being used for a commercial or civil purpose will remain under ITAR.  The Commerce Department noted that this is necessary in specified cases because of the dangers of potential dual-use.  In the future additional revisions may continue to move these items to the jurisdiction of the Commerce Department.


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