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Spacecraft Regulations Revisions

DDTC and BIS released revisions to the Spacecraft regulations (USML Category XV) on January 10, 2017. The revised regulations will become effective on January 15th. Four categories of changes to the regulations were identified, including  (a) change in ITAR standards of control regarding aperture size for spacecraft; (b) the migration of the James Webb Space Telescope from State to Commerce jurisdiction; (c) assorted corrected classifications to the interim rule and; (d) addition of .y items to ECCN 9A515.


This BIS rule adds five .y subsections to 9A515. These items include thermistors, RF microwave bandpass ceramic filters, Hall Effect sensors, subminiature (SMA and SMP) plugs and connectors, TNC plugs and cable and connector assemblies with SMA plugs and connectors, and flight cable assemblies. All of these items must be space grade or for spacecraft applications.





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