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U.S. Commerce Department New Requirements for Exports to Hong Kong

As of April 19th,  companies exporting/re-exporting U.S. Commerce Department controlled items to Hong Kong must obtain a copy of a valid Hong Kong import license prior to the export/re-export, if the export of the item is controlled for one of the following reasons: national security (NS), missile technology (MT), nuclear proliferation (NP column 1), or chemical and biological weapons (CB). A written statement from the government of Hong Kong stating that the import does not require an import license is also acceptable. This statement may be used for more than one export as long as it remains accurate. Exporters can also go to the HK Trade and Industry’s website to see if a “No License Required” notification is published on the website for the product.

Additionally, prior to re-exporting items from Hong Kong that are controlled for the above listed reasons (NS, MT, NP column 1, CB), the company responsible for the re-export must obtain an export license from Hong Kong.

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