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USML Category XII Proposed Revision-BIS Guidance on Infrared Detection Items

On May 5th, BIS published a proposed rule for the revision of USML Category XII.  This rule would result in the creation of new ECCNs 6×615 and 7×611 for military fire control, range finder, optical and guidance items. Additionally, controls on certain infrared detection items were increased.  On June 16th, BIS published a document providing guidance on this topic. Many covered ECCNs (i.e. 6A002, 6A003) saw a reduction in license exception eligibility. New unilateral ECCNs were created or expanded upon to add controls that did not previously exist.


Additionally, the new rule would expand the requirement to obtain a license for ECCNs 6A002, 6A003, and 6A990 if the exporter knows that the item has a military end-user.  This new requirement would also include Canada.


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